What Should I Get for a Hipster Girl?

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Hipster girls are the gift-giving equivalent of a riddle wrapped in an enigma. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of their gift giving, then you know that they can be difficult to please. So what does one get for such a person? Well, we have some gift ideas below for inspiration!

A really cool, vintage looking purse

Purses are a gift that many hipster girls will appreciate. If you’re looking for something trendy, then Urban Outfitters has some really cool vintage-looking purses with lots of different colors to choose from! They also have many other gift ideas which would be great for any hipster girl.

An awesome pair of sunglasses with a unique frame

The gift that any hipster girl would love is a pair of sunglasses. For the ones who are looking for what to buy her, you can try an awesome set of old style sunglasses with some unique frame or color! This will make such a cool gift and they will be super happy when she receives them.

The hipster girl will very likely appreciate a retro looking pair of sunglasses that will match her style and personality. The gift will be something that she can use all the time, whether on a sunny day or when it’s raining, so you’ll get to see her wear them often which is always nice!

If you’re not sure what type of sunglasses would work for this gift idea then don’t worry too much about it, have a quick look around online and you will see some good examples of what she may well appreciate.

A cute cardigan sweater to keep her warm in the winter

This one may be a little more tricky, but if you know your hipster girl well then choosing the right cardigan may not be overly difficult. The gift can even be personalized with a nice little heart design and some of her favorite colors.

You could also get her one that matches the color scheme for her room or wardrobe, but just make sure it’s something she will wear often! A cardigan is usually not too expensive either so this gift should not break your bank account.

It’s not always easy to pick out an item of clothing for a hipster girl, so you may need to do a little research on it, the last thing you want to do is offend her!

Even though she may grumble a little, I’m sure she’ll appreciate that cardigan once the cooler weather starts to kick in!

A nice hat for when she needs to cover up her hair on bad hair days

The gift of a hat is always a great one for any woman (or girl). A nice fedora would work really well. It’s as easy gift and she can put it on when her hair starts to get all frizzy from the rain or windy day outside. She will be so happy you got this gift for her!

Picking out the right type for her may be a little more challenging, but if you have the opportunity then maybe ask some of her friends what they think she would like, or even have her come with you to pick it out!

This gift will be a great one and she’ll often wear this hat when she goes out on bad hair days, or just for every day casual purposes!

Some good quality earrings that are also trendy and stylish

Earrings are a gift that many women love getting, no matter what their personality or style. Hipster girls might not be an exception to this rule.

One of the best gifts you could get for her is high quality earrings and these come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles so it shouldn’t be hard to find something suitable for her.

You may want to double check if she actually has her ears currently pierced, if she doesn’t then you may be able to get her a pair of clip on earrings.

Narrowing down the gift you want to buy her is just as important and can be a little time consuming. It’s easy enough to find earrings for someone, but it may not always be so easy to find just the right ones. Have a think about it a little before you invest.

Nail polish colors that match her personality and style, like a dark purple or glitter gold

Nail Polish Hipster Girl

Hipster girls are often into colors that don’t match. So if you’re thinking about buying a gift for someone who is one of these, it’s important to know what they like.

One gift idea would be nail polish in different shades and types: a dark purple or glitter gold shade might suit her better than pastel pink! It will vary depending on the girl herself and her personality.

This gift idea is perfect if you’re looking for something to get her that’s a little different. It might also be fun to do some research on the nail polish she likes and go in together with the gift!

It will show her how much you care about what colors she prefers, and it can make any gift more personal.

A vinyl record player for her room

Vinyl has been making a huge comeback in recent years, especially in the hipster community, and this gift idea could be perfect for the modern hipster girl.

A vinyl record player would make a great addition to her room and its a gift that will let her experience music from her favorite artists in the same way that perhaps her parents, or even grandparents did. The gift of music can truly never be too old to enjoy.

A vinyl record player is a gift that has many benefits and will let the recipient have an incredible experience with it for years to come, I think she would really appreciate it.

A new tattoo that she can put on her arm or leg 

This one may not be applicable to all, not everyone is in to getting tattoos, but for the sake of argument let’s just assume that the hipster girl you’re planning on buying a gift for is into tattoos.

Tattoos have a wide variety of designs. This gift is perfect for any hipster because it combines her love of tattoos with her style and personality without taking up too much space or being too expensive

The great thing about getting someone a tattoo as a gift is that you can get them one they would never think to buy themselves, of course they will need to choose the design themselves as they’ll be the one displaying it!


Hipster girls are a tough group to buy for. They don’t like anything that’s mainstream, so you have to be creative and think outside the box when buying gifts for them.

Think about their personality traits or what they might enjoy doing in their spare time. Once you know more about her, it’ll make gift shopping easier! You can find some great ideas here on our blog post all around hipsters’ favorite things – from accessories to clothes to home décor items.