The Best Woolen Gifts for Women: Hats, Sweaters and Scarves

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Woolen gifts for women are a great idea, and you can find wool hats, wool sweaters and wool scarves to choose from. Wool is an amazing product because it provides so many benefits- including warmth in the winter, protection from UV rays during the summer months, and breathability due to its natural fibers. It also has antimicrobial properties that help reduce odor buildup! In this blog post we will discuss some of the best woolen gift ideas for women like wool hats, wool sweaters or even wool scarves.

1. Woolen Hats 

A woolen hat is a great gift idea for women during the winter months, and wool hats come in many shapes and sizes. They are not only stylish but they also provide insulation against cold winds or snow blowing on your head! Keep her warm this holiday season with a woolen hat as one of your wool gifts.

They are sure to be appreciated by any wool lover and are an accessory that every woman should have in her closet. They can look very stylish on a woman and offer the added benefit of keeping her head warm on those chilly days!

2. Woolen Sweaters

If she lives in an area which can experience cold weather, then a woolen sweater could be a really useful gift to get her.

A woolen sweater is both a stylish and practical gift to get her. They’re often easy to knit, crochet or purchase from high-street stores like H&M or Primark if you don’t have the time to make one yourself. It could be a wool jumper for work, but also something more extravagant which she can wear on colder nights out like a fancy woolen sweater.

They are also not super expensive, although you could spend a big amount on one if you wish, wool is not a cheap material and woolen knitwear can be in the pricier range for some items.

If you want to buy her a woolen sweater, then take time to think about what she might like. Is it going to be practical for work? Something which can look smart but also warm during winter months? Or something more extravagant she can wear on nights out.

3. Woolen Scarves

woman wool scarf

Woolen scarves are great woolen gifts for women because they can be wrapped around a woman’s neck to stay warm or draped over her shoulders when the weather is cool. Wool helps keep you warmer than cotton, so wool scarves make good wool gift ideas for her.

They also look fashionable and serve as an accessory and fashion statement in and of themselves. There are woolen scarves that have a nice shape and design, or they can be plain wool in solid colors.

Wool is an easy fabric to sew with because it is thick enough for sewing needles to get through without breaking the thread all of the time. Women who want wool sweaters as gifts would also enjoy woolen scarves to go along with those sweaters, especially if they live in colder regions.

4. Reasons to buy woolen gifts

You may be wondering why wool is a good material to give someone as a gift. Well, wool has many benefits!

First of all, wool can be machine-washed so there’s no need for hand washing delicate items. It also dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle easily because it retains its natural shape with wear. With woolen clothing you don’t have to worry about color fading or shrinking over time like you do with other fabrics (i.e., cotton).

Wool also keeps people warm in cold weather conditions but isn’t too hot in warmer climates–it regulates temperature really well without overheating the wearer thanks to its excellent breathability qualities. Wool is naturally odor resistant which means that unlike other fibers wool won’t absorb odors.

Wool is also great for the reason that it is a natural woolen fiber and doesn’t contain any artificial materials. It’s also environment-friendly because wool can be recycled, unlike other materials that are used for clothing.

Many people choose wool as the fabric of choice to make their winter coats. it holds in body heat well when it comes to regulating our core temperature while we’re outside during cold weather, and in particular colder evenings.

5. How to choose the right gift

Selecting a gift, for the most part, isn’t easy, so picking out a woolen garment as a gift for a woman could be even more difficult. However, woolen garments are an excellent idea for the winter season because they keep you warm and cozy.

One of the best woolen gifts to get a woman is a hat or glove set; these can be found at any local store in your area. Gloves are perfect if she already owns a woolen coat but could use additional warmth for her hands when outside during this time of year. A great place to find gloves that match wool coats is The North Face!

A scarf might also make an excellent choice as well- not only will it tie together her outfit nicely, but it’ll help keep her neck nice and warm on those cold days. To top off the list would be a sweater which helps cover up anything exposed while still remaining fashionable at the same time.


With so many woolen items on the market, how do you know which ones to buy? Whether it’s a hat, sweater or scarf for your mom, daughter or sister, we have the perfect gift. Below we outline what makes these gifts special and offer some tips on choosing just the right one. If you are looking for an article about buying women’s clothing online in general then please visit our other blog post here. We hope this is helpful!