Best Gifts for Homebound Seniors

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The best gifts for homebound seniors are often items that will make their life easier. For example, a senior who has difficulty getting around may love to get some new wheeled shoes or walkers. A person who lives in an apartment with no elevator might enjoy a gift certificate to the local grocery store so they can have someone deliver groceries straight to their door.

If your loved one is visually impaired, you could buy them a talking watch or oven timer so they never have to worry about not being able to see the time again! The best presents for homebound seniors are also likely going to be things that provide comfort and companionship – like movies on DVD, soft blankets, and soothing music CDs. And don’t forget books! Books are a gift that keeps on giving.

A personalized photo blanket with their favorite memories and pictures

This is a great way to show them how much they mean to you while providing warmth in the winter months. Photo blankets start at $85 on Etsy.

A subscription box service like Birchbox or GlossyBox

Give your loved one something special every month without having to shop yourself! These boxes can be customized based on things like skin type or other preferences. They also make excellent stocking stuffers as well! The best part? It costs less than $20 a month for subscription boxes.

A wireless speaker

This is a great gift for someone who loves listening to music or watching movies. They can take it anywhere in their house and enjoy entertainment from the comfort of home! You don’t have to break your budget for these gifts, either – you can find them starting at $30 on Amazon!

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A monthly subscription to their favorite magazine

This is a great way to support your loved one’s interests and hobbies. You can also include current bestsellers that you think they will enjoy!

A scented candle

This is a great gift for someone who likes simple pleasures. With winter around the corner, it’s best to give them something they can enjoy without leaving their home! A scented candle starts at $25 on Amazon and smells wonderful in any room of the house!

A pet!

For someone who doesn’t have the best memories of going outside, a new best friend could make all the difference in their life. They will be able to take care of something and spend time with it every day without having to leave home! Pets can start as low as $25 on Petfinder.

A monthly subscription to a service like Netflix

For someone who doesn’t leave their home, it can be difficult getting new content. This is best for the TV and movie lover in your life! They will have plenty of options without having to go anywhere. The best part? It starts at $11 per month on Amazon Prime Video – that’s cheaper than a coffee!

A memory jar

This is a lovely gift for anyone! It’s the best way to remember all of those good times friends have had together. You can include things like silly jokes or souvenirs from your trip abroad, and it will be so much more special when they open up their first one on Christmas morning! Memory jars start at $30 on Etsy.

A personalized coffee mug

This is best for the person who loves to drink their morning cup of joe or tea! They might enjoy it, even more, when they see how much you care about them. Mugs start at $22 on Etsy and are a special way to show someone that they’re loved every day.

A best friend sculpture

This is a great gift for anyone who has lost their best friend. It’s best if you know that person well, but this can make them so happy! Sculptures start at $120 on Etsy and are perfect to commemorate the most important people in your life.

The Dinner Game by Hannah Hart

This is best for the person who has trouble making decisions. The Dinner Game will help them make better choices in life, as well as have fun while doing it! It starts at $15 on Amazon and makes a great gift idea for any occasion!

A pair of fuzzy slippers or house shoes

fuzzy slippers

It can be difficult to keep your feet warm, especially in the winter months. These are best for anyone who spends a lot of time at home as they provide warmth and comfort without having to leave! They start at $25 on Amazon.


Books can be a great option for someone who is homebound. There are plenty of bestsellers and classics that the senior might enjoy, but there’s also an endless list of options if they’re looking for something specific or different. It could be a book about their favorite hobby like bird watching to one on how best to grow tomatoes in the best way.


Puzzles can be a great option for someone who is homebound and loves to solve problems. There are plenty of options like crosswords, word searches, or Sudoku puzzles that the person might enjoy. It could also be something with just pictures if they don’t want any words at all.

DVDs and Movies

DVDs are a great option for someone who is homebound. They provide hours of entertainment, and it’s best if there are some that they’ve already seen or know about so there isn’t the risk of getting something that will bore them to tears. If not, then go with what looks like it would be best for them.

Snacks and Drinks

Snacks are a great option for someone who is homebound because it’s not always easy for them to get up or make food if they don’t have the equipment in their home. It might just be something like some cookies, but there are plenty of things that are best to go with what they like.


There are lots of best gifts for homebound seniors that you can give to the loved one in your life who spends a lot of time at their house. If they’re looking for something specific, we’ll help you find it with our list! From fuzzy slippers and puzzles to best friend sculptures and Netflix subscriptions, there’s sure to be something on this list that makes them smile.

Remember, you don’t have to spend tons of money on the expensive present – just spending time and effort is enough. Get creative when giving your loved one something special this year without having to leave the house.