What Should You Get for New Parents?

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Hey, what are you getting for the new parents in your life? It’s a tough question to answer because what do they need? All they really want is their baby. So here are some ideas of what you could get them.

What should I get for new parents as a gift? You might be wondering what to give that special someone who just became a parent! Here are some great suggestions on what to buy and where.

Blankets – they’re always useful, and it’s not uncommon for a new parent to need one in the middle of the night

Being a new parent is no easy task! There are so many things that new parents need to factor in, why not make their life a little easier by gifting them a nice blanket for their new baby? Buying a new blanket for the nursery is an especially thoughtful gift, because it’s something that parents can use all of the time.

Blankets are always useful and in some cases necessary as well! You can never have too many of them around the house. It’s not uncommon for a new parent to need one in the middle of the night, and you want to be sure they’re able to easily find what they need!

Buying an nice blanket that will last through their child’s infancy is always a great idea.

A diaper pail with bags – this is so much better than using plastic grocery sacks or trash bags lined with newspaper 

One thing that new parents experience very quickly is just how rapidly their new little bundle of joy will go through the diaper supply! This should not be an issue for long, since babies grow out of diapers quickly. However, what about when you are on the go? That is what this next suggestion addresses.

What new parents want and need above all else besides sleep is convenience! It can make life so much easier to have a diaper pail that takes regular garbage bags rather than the expensive and space-consuming diaper pails that need special bags. This is what makes this next suggestion a great gift for new parents: it solves their problem of what to do with dirty diapers when they are away from home without any additional effort on their part!

A baby monitor that has video capabilities so you can see your child from another room 

Baby Monitor with Camera

A baby monitor with camera is a great gift for new parents. You can place this device in their bedroom, so you can hear what the baby is doing at all times and watch what they are up to when it’s just too late for bedtime.

One of these devices will let the new parents sleep a little more easily. It also allows them to have some freedom without having to worry about whether or not their new bundle of joy is in any distress.

If you’re unsure what to get new parents, maybe a baby monitor with camera is the way to go. This device will make them feel safer when they can’t be in their child’s room and it’ll allow the parent who has more experience than the other one some freedom as well.  

Books about babies and toddlers like “What to Expect” by Heidi Murkoff, MD 

This could be a great gift for new parents, or those with a baby on the way. These books are what I would recommend as they both offer an in-depth view of what to expect from your child’s first year and beyond.

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff – While this book is written primarily for pregnant women it can provide a lot of really useful information for new mothers. It’s what I would recommend for expecting parents to read before their baby is born, and again as they’re adjusting to parenthood later on in the first year of life.

“What To Expect The First Year” by Heidi Murkoff – This book was actually written much like her other one about what expect during pregnancy however this one is what I would recommend for new mothers as their child gets older. It offers what to expect when your baby turns one, two, and three years old.

Here’s a link to What to Expect When You’re Expecting on Amazon:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Toys that are appropriate for their age group such as rattles, soft blocks, stuffed animals, etc.

One of the best toy for a newborn is what’s called an activity mat, which has lots of different things that the baby can reach out and touch. There are also some toys that you can put in front of them like mobiles or musical toys. As they get a little older there will be more appropriate toys such as cuddly animals, rattles, soft cloth blocks, etc.

For the newborn, there are plenty of toys that they can touch and feel. There’s also cuddly animals or even rattles made just for their age group that will be appropriate. As they get older, there are more opportunity with soft blocks or plush stuffed animals.

Gift cards (to places like Target or Amazon) because sometimes the parents may want to select a gift themselves

It can sometimes be difficult to choose an ideal gift for new parents, maybe they have already bought many of the items that you would have selected for them. If you want to give them a physical gift, what should it be?

Giving the new parents money in an envelope is impersonal and often not what they really need. Some people may think that cash or a check would be appropriate because this way they can buy what they want as opposed to what someone else wants for them.

One option somewhat along these lines would be to get the new parents a gift card for Amazon or a baby store, this will take the pressure off you and will allow the parents to put it to good use.


It can be hard to know what to get for new parents. But hopefully this list of suggestions will make your decision a little bit easier. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should provide plenty of good ideas if you’re stuck and need some inspiration.

We hope that these gifts help the new parents in your life during their first few months with their beautiful baby! What are some other great gift ideas?