Gift Ideas for your High School Girlfriend

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy your high school girlfriend? If so, this blog post is just what you need. In it we will discuss some of the best gifts that are sure to make any girl happy. Whether she’s a nerd, an athlete, artsy or anything in between there should be something here that suits her personality and makes her feel loved and appreciated! 

Give her a high-quality perfume as a gift

This gift can be very romantic and is a gift that she will never forget. A gift of this kind lets her know that you are willing to splurge on her. Your girlfriend will appreciate how thoughtful you’ve been and love the scent too! 

See if you can find out which brand or scent she likes , and purchase it for her. This gift is sure to meet with her approval!

For any gift she receives, you can always get some matching gift bags or boxes as well. You can find gift sets like this on for pretty cheap. Some even come with a cute card that you can write the gift inside of!

Get her an iTunes gift card so she can buy music and movies

If she likes her music and movies then an iTunes gift card could be really useful to her, especially if she doesn’t have any gift cards. This gift lets her buy whatever she wants, and is a gift card that many people like to receive!

It’s also practical for her because then she can get the music or movies that she likes without having to spend money from her own pocket on it. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like gift cards?

It will also take some of the pressure of choosing the right album or movie for her, maybe she would like to select her own gift this year!

While gift cards are great for any occasion, they’re even better when you fill them up with gift money! You can gift her a gift card that is worth around $50 to $150 depending on your relationship with her and her interests. 

Buy her some new clothes for the upcoming school year, or get matching outfits with your girlfriend to show that you’re in it together

This one might be a little more tricky as it can sometimes be difficult to choose clothing gifts for girls, but if you know what she likes and where she shops then this is a gift for her that’s sure to please.

Here are some gift ideas along with stores where you can get them:

– Buy your girlfriend gift cards to her favorite store, whether it be Macy’s, Target or Victoria’s Secret; gift cards are always appreciated on Christmas and birthdays. This will allow her to buys clothing that she will actually wear.

– If you’re thinking about buying your girlfriend a gift that she’ll wear when the two of you are together, then think about getting her some matching clothes with yours; perhaps this can be something as small as a sweater or even just pajama pants – ensuring that the two of you will always look stunning together.

Make a playlist of songs that remind you of your relationship and share them with her 

mix tape for high school girlfriend

This is more of an old school approach from back in the days of cassette tapes! There was once a time when gift ideas for your high school girlfriend were limited to buying fancy clothing, perfume or jewellery.

Nowadays gift ideas for your high school girlfriend can also include gift cards, gift hampers and gift baskets. With the advent of music on CD and mp3s, you can create a personalized gift from the heart which is both fun and very personal!

It would make a nice gift with a personal touch because gift ideas for your high school girlfriend can sometimes be quite generic.

Write her notes on cards to tell how much she means to you, then put them in places where she’ll find them throughout the day 

This one is bit more mushy, but would be a very nice gesture to go along with another gift as it will make her feel really special on her birthday, or any other special occasion for that matter.

To make it even more personal you can write the notes in your own handwriting, get some nice paper or gift wrap and make them pretty by putting a bow or ribbon on top of them.

Look around for cute little gift ideas that aren’t too expensive and tuck a few into different places where she will find them throughout the day, maybe gift wrap them too so that she’ll know they’re from you. It’s a gift and a surprise in one, and it lets her know that you were thinking about her throughout the day.

These cute little gift ideas can be anything really as long is you make it personal to her, maybe something along the lines of ‘I baked you some cookies for your birthday’ wouldn’t be the biggest gift in the world but it lets her know that even when we’re busy with our lives, you think of her too.

It’s a gift that will make her smile not only because she’ll find it somewhere today, but because she knows you made it just for her and bought it to give to her.

Give her a gift basket 

Gift baskets are great gift ideas for your high school girlfriend because they let you put together gift items that she would probably have never bought for herself, but will enjoy having and using throughout the year.

This gift idea is good in that you can buy gift items in bulk where the price is cheaper per item, and gift ideas for your high school girlfriend gift basket will give her things that she may not have even thought about getting for herself like a gift card for her favorite coffee shop.

The gift items you put in the gift basket should be related to something you know she likes, like putting in some lip gloss if she loves makeup, gift ideas for your high school girlfriend gift basket would work very well with gift cards to her favorite restaurants or a gift certificate for a massage service.

The gift basket can hold different things that you know she likes, just make sure they are related as this will make the gift more thoughtful and personal instead of just throwing together random items.

Send flowers or send balloons with a note saying “I love you”

It may seem like like a very general thing to say, but I don’t know any woman who doesn’t enjoy being gifted with a nice bunch of flowers! If your gift budget is bigger than most (or if you’re just looking to make a big impression), send her an entire bouquet of roses.

But if you’re on a tight budget or want to gift a smaller gift that she can carry with her for the day, buy some pretty looking flowers that doesn’t require too much water to keep alive.

I’ll be honest, gift cards are cool and you wouldn’t go wrong with buying her one if that’s all your budget can handle. But gift cards don’t always scream your love for her as a gift should!

A lovely bunch of flowers will let her know that you lover her dearly.