Christmas Gifts for Mom: 11 Great Gift Ideas

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A holiday is a time for family, and what better way to show your mom how much you care than by getting her something she’ll enjoy. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for the perfect gift, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 great ideas that will suit every type of mom. We hope this post will inspire you as you search for Christmas gifts for your mother!

Holiday-themed coffee mugs

If your mother loves a good cup of java, you can never go wrong with gift that gives her what she wants while also showing how much you care.

Choose something festive for the season, such as this holiday-themed coffee mug . The design includes jingle bells and has a pretty snowflake pattern at the top. Plus, it’s beautifully gift boxed, which means it would make a nice gift even if you didn’t want to fill it with her favorite java.

A gift card to her favorite store

No matter what gift you buy, gift cards never go to waste. If your mom is the type to like gift options that let her pick out something she wants, a gift card is a great option.

If she likes picking out clothes, get her a gift card for her favorite store . A gift card like this one from Target would be perfect, as it includes a gift box and is gift-wrapped for that extra special touch.

There are a whole host gift card providers to choose from but a dependable one for sure is an Amazon gift card. Select a gift card that is in your budget and get it gift wrapped.

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A new pair of slippers or fuzzy socks for cold winter mornings

If your mother is the type to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while reading the morning paper, gift her something warm and fuzzy. This gift would be perfect if she enjoys reading in bed — just slip on the slippers or fuzzy socks before climbing into bed and curl up with a good book.

A wonderful, warm pair of slippers would be a gift that your gift recipient would always remember and care for. A pair of fuzzy socks will add a bit of warmth to her feet while reading in bed, or even watching TV in the evening. Both are wonderful gift ideas if you’re looking for gift ideas for mom.

You could get some nice, thick woolen socks for her too, if you want to gift something more luxurious. These will be great on a chilly evening when she is sitting in front of the fireplace with a nice glass of brandy or wine.

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An assortment of bath products, including a scented candle and bubble bath

If your gift mom is the type who loves to take long, relaxing baths and spend an hour or two reading a book after work in the evening, gift her something nice for her bathroom.

A new scented candle would make a wonderful gift because it lasts longer than most gifts that you give. You could look at maybe getting some bath oils as well.

You could gift her a nice bubble bath set, if she enjoys being pampered with gift baskets and gift boxes. She will feel truly pampered with this gift idea and gift basket.

Moms love gift baskets, especially gift baskets that are customized to their tastes. You could include in the gift basket a Spa gift basket that has bath products, lotions, soaps and other spa related items in it. She will feel like she is at a spa when using these items.

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Gift certificates from restaurants she likes to visit with the family on weekends (or takeout)

The gift may help to speed up preparations on busy days and also time spent with children. Staying at home is a way of making quality time together in its own form, parents can spend more time with their children without worrying about where to go or what to do. Is this not the gift of time?

Imagine your gift mom love to have gift certificates for restaurants or a gift card for the pizzeria, they will be able to prepare meals together and enjoy tasty food. This is a great gift idea for moms who are working moms and need alternative ways to spend quality time with your family. The gift allows parents relaxing weekend evenings and weekends.

This gift idea is perfect for those who are not very creative with gift ideas for their moms, to give them a gift card may be the best gift they could think of. Moreover, this gift is sure you will delight your mom as much as giving something she really likes. Your mom can choose any restaurant service or the gift card from an online store of gift cards, so you have access to the most numerous gift card.

Tickets to see her favorite band when they come to town next year

This is something that your mom for sure, but possibly both your parents might enjoy, especially if they are into live music.

Maybe one of your mom’s favorite singers is coming to town next year and tickets for 2nd row seats are still available. I always thought that seeing my favorite band play live would be an amazing gift and I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind going to see a concert once in their life, especially if the band is popular and tickets are usually hard to get.

Many older bands these days are doing live tours in order to generate some income, so there’s a good chance that some of the bands she loved in her younger days will be touring. She will really enjoy this gift and you won’t spend a fortune either.

Jewelry that’s just for momma – something sparkly and understated like a simple necklace or bracelet with her initials engraved on it

You could choose some nice jewelry for your mom as a gift, although it will be worth your while to maybe do some research on what she likes first, not every woman likes the same type, some will prefer silver rather than gold and vice versa.

If you want to give her jewelry, it should be understated and elegant rather than big gaudy pieces filled with diamonds. No matter what type of gift it is or what gift for mom you gift her with, you should always try to get a gift that’s personalized to her tastes.

A gift is more than just buying it from one of the popular stores in town and dropping it off at Christmas, this is something that means a lot to your mother and she deserves it.

Make a family photo collage. There are frames with borders that will make it easier to put together a collection of photos.

You could get her a nice framed photo, or even a collage of photos as a gift . A gift like this shows that you thought enough about your gift to make it really mean something.

You might show her how well she raised you, or a photo on important occasions in your life. This means the gift will be treasured by both of you and is likely to be seen often.

This gift can also be made in smaller gift sizes, so you can have gift ideas for mother Christmas gift.

You could even make one yourself out of photos of your ceremony in a nice frame, or other memorable occasions like birthdays and special dinners. If there is anything you know she would cherish then this gift idea can be used to remember it all in print. It’s a gift idea for mom Christmas that is thoughtful and unique.

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A gift card for a manicure or pedicure at her favorite salon

This will be a wonderful pampering treat for her, gift-wise. It will make her feel good to gift this gift card especially at a time that is joyous for the woman who gave birth to you, and you want to thank her for it! She will love this gift idea and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It could actually be something that you do together, go to the salon as a pair and have a gift card for two. You could even gift this gift card to your mother along with another gift that you have bought as part of her Christmas gift, such as a pendant that you have been planning to give her for quite some time now. Also, gift cards are safer since no one can steal it and use it for themselves!

Gift card to an exercise studio so she can get back into shape after the winter holidays!

We all tend to pile on a little weight over the holiday period, especially with all the wonderful food that is doing the rounds at that time, and a gift card to an exercise studio can be the perfect gift for your mother.

It will not only show her that you are thinking of her welfare, but it will also let her know that you are concerned about her health and wellness within the family.

There is no better gift than the gift of good health! Since choosing the right gift card can be a tricky task, here are some gift ideas that your mother will love.

A gift box filled with cupcakes and cookies

Food gift boxes are a great gift idea if you’re looking for gift ideas to help you find the best gift boxes for mom. Cupcakes and cookies would be a wonderful gift to give your gift recipient for her birthday, or on Christmas morning.

You could choose from the many gift baskets that will deliver gift baskets right to your gift recipient’s door. There are gift baskets with chocolate and gift boxes filled with cookies.

You could also build a gift basket of cupcakes at home, and send it in gift box wrapped for the holidays to your gift recipient and let them enjoy their gift from you this year when they get it. You could gift gift baskets and gift boxes filled with candy for a gift basket idea that will truly be appreciated.

You could even fill the gift box or gift basket with healthy snacks – nuts, fresh fruit, gift baskets filled with granola bars would make wonderful gifts this year too. Plan your gift options, build a gift box or gift basket