The Best Christmas Gifts for Older Parents

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It’s that time of year again! The Christmas season is in full swing and you’re probably wondering what to get for your older parents. With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. We’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts for older parents that we think will make their holiday season special this year!

1. Purchase a new alarm clock to replace the one that has been broken for years

Depending on how old your parents are, they may prefer a mechanical / wind up alarm clock, or they may appreciate a radio / alarm clock more, it will be up to you to make the choice on this.

AcuRite Vintage Twin Bell Alarm Clock

This clock is anything but delicate! Sure, it fits nicely on any desk or nightstand with its vintage look of days gone by – so no worries if you have little kids running around!

But inside this simple exterior lies a durable timekeeper that does not depend on batteries or electricity to keep accurate time. So remember: never be late again (or even showing up early). You can breathe easy knowing the alarm will wake you in plenty of time for work or any appointments you may have thanks to one extra loud ring followed by three softer ones before shutting off automatically.

DreamSky Alarm Clock with FM Radio

Our DreamSky Alarm Clock with FM Radio is a nice little device that every night owl needs. Get your wake up call and all the latest news or music right in bed without getting out of bed. Just press the snooze button on this alarm clock to go back to sleep for another 10 minutes, it’s totally necessary after you have a good work-out!

This alarm clock lets you easily tune into stations by hitting the stereo power button and then quickly push ‘FM’ until you find what you want. There are 12 presets so even if your favorite station goes off, just remember where they were last year. The display is easy to read from far away because of its large LCD screen and bright blue numbers; which makes reading the display really easy!

2. Get your parents a subscription to Netflix or Hulu so they can enjoy some of their favorite shows

This could be a really good option if your parents have a Smart TV or maybe even a laptop which they can connect to their existing TV. They could of course watch on their laptop or computer also but would probably be more comfortable watching on the TV.

This option is a really good idea if they are fans of certain TV shows or movies. They could just turn on the device and start watching their show – no need to search for it each time! This way they can always have access to what’s new without any hassle. It’s also great because you’ll know exactly when season four starts so you can remind them that this is going up next month (or whatever).

The best thing about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc., is that your parents won’t be paying anything extra for these services; which will save money in the long run! If your Dad has been complaining about how much he spends every month with cable then this would be a perfect present for him as well!

3. Give them a gift card, and let them decide what they want to do with it

There will be many options available on this one, and it will depend on what you think would suit them best. Probably the most convenient one would be an Amazon Gift Card as that would allow your parents to buy pretty much whatever they like.

These gifts could be anything from a Netflix subscription to an Amazon gift card! It’s the thought that counts, so remember what they like and find out which of these would suit their personality best. eGift Card

You’re not sure what you’ll want when the holidays are over and you need to start stocking up on new clothes or home furnishings, but there’s no harm in giving a little heads-up. Get an Amazon eGift Card so that their shopping dreams can come true.

And this gift card is more than just plastic–it also features a pigeon design! This festive, animated bird has captured our hearts with its versatility and it even shows your recipient love for keeping fashionable by wearing plaids. If you know they already have everything they could ever want, pick out something creative like jewelry which always makes for great gifting.

4. Get an Amazon Echo Dot for their home – it’ll make life easier and more convenient! 

The Amazon Echo Dot is a really good little device, it may take a bit of getting used to for older parents but once they have the hang of it they will really enjoy it!

The Amazon Echo dot is great because you can use Alexa to order items from amazon or ask what time your favorite show starts on TV! The Dot also has games that are fun like Jeopardy and word-searches.

It’s super easy to set up too – we just plugged ours in and then downloaded an app called “Echo” which gives us access to all sorts of different skills (like timers, alarms etc) and music services (Pandora).

Amazon Echo Dot

Why leave your clock on the other side of the room when you can sync up with Alexa? The new Echo Dot has a built-in LED display that can show the time, alarm clocks, and timers. Tap the top to snooze once you’re feeling sleepy. If you want to use your voice to help get ready in the morning or check out what’s coming up this evening – go for it!

Simply ask Alexa what jokes she could tell; find out who is performing live music next; answer questions based off her knowledgebase; play an audiobook from Audible so guests can enjoy as well. More than just being smart at home, ask Alexa to control compatible devices such as turning lights on/off via Amazon Smart Plug.

5. Send them on a vacation somewhere warm while you’re at college, like Miami or Hawaii

This would be a really wonderful gift for your parents, although may be a little bit expensive if just from one of their children. Maybe check with your siblings and see if you could pool your resources to gift your parents this amazing present.

You can be sure that your parents would enjoy a nice vacation in either Miami or Hawaii, especially during the Winter months, and that it would be a really wonderful gift for them.


Conclusion paragraph: If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your parents this year, don’t worry – we’ve got some great ideas that will make them happy! Check out our list of Christmas gifts for older parents and see if any of these would be a good fit.

We also have more tips on how to buy a Christmas present online or what is the best way to wrap a Christmas present so they’ll know it’s from you. In addition, check out our ultimate guide which covers everything in one place about what not to do when buying presents for someone else (even though most people forget). Happy shopping!