5 Great Gifts to Get for an Employee Leaving Your Company

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It’s always sad when a good employee decides to leave the company. When they do, it’s important to give them something that will remind them of their time with your business. You should also gift them with an item that is useful in their next job or for their new life outside of work. In this blog post, we’ve compiled 5 gift ideas from various categories so you can find the perfect gift for your departing colleague!

1. A personalized coffee mug with the employee’s name on it

A gift doesn’t need to be expensive in order to make a lasting impression. A personalized coffee mug with the employee’s name on it is a great gift for anyone, whether they’re your boss or their subordinate.

It will show them that you are thinking of them and what they like every day when they drink from the mug! To get a gift like this, you can use one of the many websites out there that specializes in custom-made personalized gifts.

The gift is useful because it means they will never forget about your company and what a great time they had with all of their co-workers!

2. A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant

Many people don’t know what gift card to get for the person who has everything. Fortunately, gift cards are a gift that anyone would love! Just think about their favorite store or restaurant and you’re guaranteed to find something they will enjoy.

It’s not too expensive either which is great because it doesn’t put so much pressure on your budget, of course you can spend a large amount on a gift card but this may not be necessary.

This gift is useful because it means they will have something to look forward to when they’re not at work anymore. It also gives them the opportunity to explore new places and find a whole new group of people!

3. A framed photo of a favorite family member, pet, or vacation spot

framed photo gift

We all have a favorite photo of someone or something that we want to keep close to us forever. There are many ways you can frame your gift so it is personal and the recipient will love it.

A great gift would be a framed photo of their family members, pet, or vacation spot; whatever they find most special! It’s also important to make sure the gift will stay beautiful.

Framing a photo can be expensive but if you do your research, it’s possible to find something that is inexpensive and still looks great! This gift is useful because it reminds them of all the happy moments they had while working at your company or for their family members who work there too.

4. An offer for lunch or dinner at their favorite place in town

Some people enjoy gift giving more than others. If you think a gift card, mug, or picture frame won’t be enough to show that you care about them and their time with your company then this is the perfect gift for you!

Offering lunch at one of their favorite places in town will make them feel loved by another human being who knows what they enjoy. This gift is useful because it will give them a chance to spend time with their family and friends while also spending the day doing something that makes them happy!

It can be difficult for people who are used to eating at work every lunch break, so this gift would do good in reminding them of all the things outside of work.

It also doesn’t matter how much you spend on the gift card, because it is a gift they will enjoy and remember for years to come!

5. A personalized note about what they have meant to the company and how much you will miss them when they leave

We all can’t help but be sad when someone is leaving the company. It’s important to show them you care about how they feel and what this time off means for them.

A gift that will last long after their departure day would be a personalized note explaining everything they have meant to your company as well as thanking them for being apart of it.

This gift is useful because it lets them know how important they are to your company and that you will miss having them around!

And of course, if you’re not sure what to say then there’s always the option of hiring someone who can write a beautiful note for you or with you. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just heartfelt and honest.


Often, the most thoughtful gift is one that reflects what an employee loves. To make your departure easier on everyone involved, think about what you can do to say thank you for all of their hard work and contributions over the years.

With so many great options available, it should be easy to find a small token worth giving in honor of someone’s time at your company. Which idea have you chosen?