What to gift a 12-year-old boy

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The gift-giving season is upon us, and it’s no secret that there are a lot of options out there.

But what to gift a 12-year-old boy? It can be tough when all they want for Christmas is everything. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these gift ideas. Check them out below: A tablet, gift cards to his favorite game store, or books about science and space exploration will keep him occupied and entertained this holiday season. The best part? You’re sure to find something he’ll love!

A New Basketball

Basketballs are a gift that any 12-year-old boy is sure to love. Be prepared: The gift of a basketball may result in him spending all day “shooting hoops.”

Nerf Blasters and Darts

Every year, the hot gift for young boys is always some form of Nerf blaster. There are many different types, but many of them are compatible with other Nerf blasters. Darts come in a variety of shapes and colors. The gift set comes with a blaster, darts, and an attachable stock for easy use.

A remote control car or drone

Every kid loves getting an RC car or remote control drone. There are various types, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Depending on your gift budget, you can find a gift for any young boy that will be sure to please no matter what!

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Sports gear, such as a football or baseball glove 

Boys love sports, and if your gift recipient is interested in playing a sport, this gift will rock! Sports equipment like footballs or baseball gloves is a great gift to gift to young boys that enjoy sports.

If he has a favorite sport then focus on that, so if he’s big into baseball then you could get him a bat or a glove or gift card to a sporting goods store.

A gift from his favorite superhero

Boys love superheroes, so why not gift him something related to his favorite hero? Whether it’s Superman or Batman, your gift recipient is sure to enjoy some sort of superhero gift. Some great gift ideas are action figures or shirts with the hero’s logo on them.

An electronic device, such as an iPad or video game gift card

Technology is everywhere these days, and gift cards for some sort of device are always a great idea! If he’s into gaming, gift him a gift card for his favorite computer game. Or for the older kids, gift them an iPad or smartphone so they can check their social media accounts on the go!

gift card

Books about sports and games for kids his age 

If your gift recipient is into reading, gift him a book that he may enjoy. Sportsbooks are sure to be an enjoyable gift for most young boys. Books about games like chess or checkers are also entertaining gift ideas if he’s interested in playing one of those games.

A new Chromebook

Schools have started going back to Chromebooks instead of giving students individual laptops, and gift cards or gift ideas for one is sure to be a great gift idea. The best part? Students can still use it after they graduate!

A new bike

Every boy loves riding bikes. Whether it’s on the sidewalk or dirt trails in the woods, gift cards towards new bike accessories are sure to be great gift ideas! New helmets and gear will make him feel safe while reducing his risk of injury.

A tablet with a protective case and headphones 

A gift that most 12-year-olds will enjoy is a tablet. Tablets are useful for kids in school, and they allow them to multitask while getting their work done. Gift him a gift card towards a protective case so his tablet can stay safe while he’s using it. Headphones are also always a good gift idea if he enjoys listening to music or audiobooks while he’s on the bus.

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Books about sports stars he admires 

If he is big into sports, gift him a book about his favorite athlete. There are various books on almost all of the professional athletes out there. A gift card towards one of these books is sure to be something the gift recipient will enjoy!

Games for his favorite console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

If he’s a gamer, gift him a gift card for his favorite console game. There are many different games for the PlayStation and Xbox systems, which have great graphics to keep gift recipients entertained! Nintendo Switch is relatively new, but there are sure to be various gift ideas available for it in the near future.


If you’re still struggling to figure out gift ideas for a 12-year old boy, we hope this article has helped! There are many different gift options available that will be sure to please any young male. The best part? Ask the gift recipient what they would like and gift them something related or check our list of suggestions above! We wish you luck with finding the perfect gift idea for your 12-year-old boy in time before Christmas day.