The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Employees

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Hi everyone! It’s time for holiday shopping, and I know a lot of you are looking for that perfect gift to give your employees. You want them to feel appreciated and loved during the holiday season, but it can be tough finding something they’ll love.

In this article, I’m going to share some ideas with you- from small stocking stuffers like Amazon Prime memberships or Starbucks cards, up to full on gifts like an Apple Watch or iPad Pro!

A personalized mug with their name on it

So, first off- you can’t go wrong with a personalized mug! You know how much people love their morning coffee or afternoon tea break? Give them the gift of being able to drink from their favorite. All while looking down and seeing your thoughtful message on it.

You could also personalize it by adding something like “Amazing Employee!” or some other positive message like that.

Tickets to the theater or a sporting event

You’re probably wondering what to get the employees that have been working with you all year long. It’s time for them to unwind and enjoy themselves, but they might not be too sure about where to go or how much money is an appropriate amount to spend on a gift.

You could look at maybe getting your employee some tickets for a sporting event or maybe even a concert for one of their favorite performers. They’ll be able to enjoy some time with their family or friends and relax, but also feel good about the fact that they’re taking a break from work.

Gift cards for food and drinks at their favorite restaurant

Let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a good meal, and we all have our own favorite restaurants and eateries, but it can be easy to forget that our employees might not go out for lunch if they don’t have the money or time. One solution is a gift card, but what should you get?

Knowing their favorite restaurants and eateries will make your holiday shopping easier, maybe broach the topic with them before hand to see which restaurants they like most and then purchase a gift card for the best restaurant in that category.

One example of this would be to get them a gift card for their favorite sushi place, or maybe they’re into burgers, so you could buy them one at their favorite burger joint.

Your employee will appreciate the gift card as they will be able to go for a nice meal with their family or partner and know that you appreciate the hard work they do for you each day.

A desk plant that will remind them of you every day at work

It’s always nice to see a coworker during the holiday season. A great gift you can give them is something that will remind them of you every time they look at it, which means gifting their workplace with an office plant!

One way to make sure your employees never forget about you and always have a pleasant disposition while looking at it is by giving them a desk plant for Christmas.

There are many different kinds of plants out there so don’t worry if one isn’t available or not in stock near where your company HQ is located; check online and order from any site that has what they need! You’ll be able to find anything from philodendrons, spider plants, peace lilies, bamboo palm trees-you name it!

Candy in festive packaging, like red and green M&Ms or peppermint sticks 

Sweets and candies are an inexpensive gift that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient.

The candy in its festive packaging will not only make your employees feel special, but also keep them energized while they’re working hard on behalf of your company.

Another fun stocking stuffer idea would be chocolate coins, with sweet sayings on them or maybe a joke.

You can also purchase a holiday mug and fill it with candy or chocolates of your choice, making this gift both visually appealing as well as tasty!

A thoughtful card that is signed by everyone in the office wishing them well during this season

Although this is probably the least expensive option listed here, it’s one of the most thoughtful. Most employees will be touched by the gesture and enjoy reading all of the messages from their co-workers throughout the holiday season.

A card is a perfect gift for any employee who has to work during this time of year or can’t make it home due to travel restrictions. It’s also an easy way to show appreciation, which is key in strengthening and fostering a good work relationship between management and staff.

Corporate gift baskets

These are perfect for the holidays. With so many different corporate gift baskets available, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your employees and their families. It doesn’t matter if they love food or beauty products, offer them a basket from Tasty Baskets or Reflections by Sarah Lee!

There are lots of different types of gift baskets available, you may even be able to include some of the product that your company produces or services that if offers. .

You can also leave it up to the recipient and choose one that best suits their personality. There are a variety of themes from which they can pick, including holiday favorites like organic foods or new music releases!

A great way to show your appreciation for them is with a company-wide holiday party

Everyone loves a party, and they love a party even more if they don’t have to pay for it themselves! I think this would be a very nice way of saying thank you for the hard work that your employees have put in throughout the year.

If you’re interested in throwing a company-wide holiday party, here are some tips to help plan it.

Decide on a budget for the party, and make sure to have some money left over. It’s always nice to be able to give out gifts or bonuses after the event!

Book your venue as soon as possible so you can lock in rates. Waiting until November is never a good idea. Make sure that you run the potential date of the party past the employees first to make sure they will be able to attend.


The holidays should be a time of celebration and appreciation for all the people in your office. So, why not give them something they will love this year? If you want to show your employees how much you care about their wellbeing during this festive season but don’t know what to get them, here are some great gift ideas from our team that have been tried and tested by us! Which one would you choose for someone on your list who is hard-working and deserves recognition?