Good Ideas for Christmas Gifts to Get for Teachers

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Christmas is a time of giving, and what better to give than presents for the teachers that have been helping you throughout the year? There are many different ideas in this blog post that can help you find what is best for your special teacher. We will go over what gifts are good to get as well as what they may like, how much they cost, and where you can purchase them. With these helpful tips, we hope you will be able to choose something perfect!

A personalized coffee mug

This is the perfect gift for any teacher, especially one that likes to drink coffee. There are many options of what you can put on it like quotes or drawings and they make a great inexpensive present.

They may have gotten so much new stuff as Christmas gifts this year that a mug might not get used up too quickly and will be something different and thoughtful for them. You can find what you want to put on it by searching around online or going into a store and picking out what would work best.

Books that are about their favorite subject or a book they will read to the class at Christmas time 

This is a great idea for what to get as a gift because it will be something they are excited about and want to read. Many teachers enjoy teaching their favorite subject, so this is perfect if you know what that would be. They can show the book off at Christmas time when there’s usually some special reading with the class or just have it for their own personal reading. You can find what they would like by talking to them or looking around on your own in the store for what you think they may want.

Decorations for their room, such as artwork from students or a tree skirt made by the kids in their class 

This is also a great gift for teachers because they may not realize how much their students enjoy and appreciate what they have put up in the classroom. Students love seeing what’s been put on the walls or desks of their teacher, so this would be a perfect present.

To make it more personal you can even find out what colors that are in their classroom or what pictures they have up and then find something that may go with what is already there. If you know what grade the teacher teaches, finding a tree skirt in that class’s colors would be even better!

A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant

A gift card to the teacher’s favorite store or restaurant would be a thoughtful gift because it means you know what they like and what type of things they need. It’s also not too personal so if the teacher doesn’t think that would be appropriate for them to receive, then this is perfect for anyone in their life.

You can find out what stores or restaurants the person likes by asking friends about what kind of things they like or what do they need and then picking one of those types.

gift card

A small jar of handmade jam, preserves, or honey from a local beekeeper

This is what some people may not realize that teachers have a lot of students coming into their class and they are working hard to keep them healthy. The last thing any teacher wants is for one of the kids in their class to get sick, so this would be an awesome gift idea because it will help ensure good health for everyone.

You can find what kind of preserves they like by talking to them about what foods they enjoy or what’s on their desk and then finding something similar. You can also make sure that it is from a local beekeeper so you know the produce is fresh.

A box of tea and hot cocoa mix for those winter mornings 

This is what some may not think of as a present for their teacher, but it’s the perfect thing to have on those cold winter mornings. It will help wake up and get ready for what they need to do in class that day with an extra boost from the caffeine or just enjoy while relaxing at home in front of the fire after a long day.

You can find what they like by asking what kind of tea or hot cocoa that they enjoy or what flavors, then you’re able to get them something in those same categories and make it a nice present for their morning routine.

An ornament that reminds them of their home town 

An ornament that reminds the teacher of their hometown or state would be a nice and thoughtful gift, especially if they’re from far away. It would be a way to make them feel at home when at Christmas time and what better time of the year for that than right before winter break?

You can find what type of ornament or what kind of object reminds them by talking with people who know about their favorite memories, then going out and finding what you think they would like.

Tickets to a show they are interested in seeing (a comedy night at the theater)

Tickets to a show the teacher is interested in seeing would be what others may not think of as a Christmas gift, but what better time than during this season for people to see what they love. You can find out what their favorite type of theater or comedy is by talking with friends and then getting some tickets so that you’re able to give them what they want.


This blog post has given you some good ideas for what to get a teacher as a Christmas gift. You can find what they like by asking what kind of things that they enjoy or what do they need and then picking one of those types. It’s also not too personal so if the person doesn’t think that would be appropriate, it’s perfect for anyone in their life.

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